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Gli sviluppatori dei giochi per la console open source con sistema operativo Android chiamata Ouya, hanno confermato una lista di giochi che ci saranno per tale console.

La lista è la seguente:


Titolo Sviluppatore
100 Rogues Dinofarm Games under Fusion Reactions
20.8 Percent OMGWTFGAMES !1!!
2D Cube Zombie Platformer Molinware
Abbigale And The Monster Renegadeware
AirMech Carbon Games
Amazing Frog? Fayju
A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks Frima Studio
AVP: Evolution Fox Digital Entertainment Inc
Bacteria – Arcade Edition’ SinisterSoft Limited
The Ball Tripwire Interactive
The Banner Saga: Factions Stoic
The Bard’s Tale’ inXile Entertainment
Bombball E McNeill
BombSquad Eric Froemling
Broken Age Double Fine Productions
Bubbliminate Voxoid[13]
The Cave Double Fine Productions
Canabalt HD Semi Secret Software
Chess 2: The Sequel Ludeme Games
Choplifter HD inXile Entertainment
ChronoBlade nWay Games
DiveBomb Chomp Beau James Games
Donkey Me Bruno R. Marcos
Drawing Universe Alex Tritt Games
Echoes of Eternia’ E.o.E.Games
Egypt Reels of Luxor’ Software Amusements
Emoji World OUYA JDSoft
Emoji World 2: The Zodiac Quest JDSoft
Endica VII The Dream King’ Dream Within Studios
Fez Polytron Corporation
Fighting Is Magic Mane6
Final Fantasy III Square Enix
Fist of Awesome I Fight Bears
Flappy Bird Dong Nguyen
Giana Sisters Bad Monkee
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Black Forest Games
Gravi Hashbang Games
Gridlock Ludometrics
Gunblitz Rapture Game Studios
Hero of Many Trickster Arts
Human Element Prequel (senza titolo) Robotoki
Hyper Light Drifter Heart Machine
King of Booze Daygames
Johnny Scraps: Clash of Dimensions Immersive Douro
Legend of Dungeon RobotLovesKitty
Legends of Aethereus ThreeGates
Lowrider Car Game Stop4Sanity Games
Maldita Castilla (simil-Ghosts’n Goblins) Locomalito
Mercenary Kings Tribute Games
Offensive Combat U4iA Games
Pier Solar HD WaterMelon Co.
Pipnis Santa Ragione
Reaper David Peroutka
Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes Studio Kontrabida
Rose and Time Sophie Houlden
Saturday Morning RPG Mighty Rabbit Studios
Shadowgun MADFINGER Games
Shadowrun Online Cliffhanger Productions
Sine Mora Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture
Slide Tap Pop’ CodeRunners
So Many Me Extend Studio & ORiGO Games
Soccertron David Erosa
Somyeol HD’ Brain Connected
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II Sega
Sonic the Hedgehog CD Sega
Soul Fjord Airtight Games
Stash: No Loot Left Behind FrogDice
Stikbold Team Stikbold
Strange Happenings on Murder Island Free lives
Super Retro Squad Exploding Rabbit
Survival Ball Rockbyte Software
Television Laboratory Games LLC
That Dragon, Cancer Ryan and Amy Green
Toto Temple Deluxe Juicy Beast Studio
Towerfall Matt Thorson
Tropical Treasures 2 Deluxe’ Software Amusements
Vacant Sky Awakening Project BC
Vendetta Online Guild Software
The Vestibule Project BC
The Walking Dead: Season One Telltale Games
The Walking Dead: Season Two Telltale Games
Whispering Willows Night Light Interactive
Wizorb Tribute Games
Wrecking Balls Arena Team Kakumei
You Don’t Know Jack Jackbox Games Inc.
Zombie Driver HD Exor Studios