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      Sembra che il team Cobra abbia finalmente ultimato il cobra ode, hardware in grado di avviare giochi e homebrew da qualsiasi ps3 con qualsiasi ofw. Infatti il team per farci vedere il suo reale funzionamento rilascia 3 nuovi video.  Di seguito maggiori dettagli:  

      Cobra ODE Hardware – The Wait is Over!   Cobra ODE has been radically enhanced prior to release! We are now entering production phase and stocks will reach the market soon. Please enjoy the high resolution and standard resolution videos which demonstrate Cobra ODE running on the following consoles:   Homebrew and PS3 ISO’s can now be run from any OFW PS3, including 2k5, 3K and 4K!   Installation is now much easier than before, especially on 2k5,3K and 4k models and external UI commander is no longer required. Navigation is achieved via Cobra ODE manager which can be launched from the XMB! The manager allows you to select and run homebrew apps or games and PS3 ISO’s from the XMB on any OFW PS3…   Check out the features and PS3 models supported below:   The following consoles are supported:   FAT:   CECHA (PATA) CECHB (PATA) CECHC (PATA) CECHE (PATA) CECHG (PATA) CECHH (PATA) CECHK (PATA) CECHL (SATA) (most consoles)***   SLIM:   CECH2XXX (SATA) CECH21XX (SATA) CECH25XX (SATA) CECH3XXX (SATA)   SUPER SLIM:   CECH4XXX (SATA)   ***FAT consoles (SATA) CECHL, CECHM, CECHP and CECHQ with drive controller BMD-21 will be supported in a future hardware iteration.   Feature list:   Supports virtually all PS3’s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems! Homebrew now possible on previously “unbreakable” 2k5,3k and 4k systems! Play games on SEN in pass-through or emulation modes**! On screen selection of games through Cobra ODE manager in XMB Emulation or pass-through modes Advanced Smart Fusion AES encryption and decryption engine on board Fully updatable high speed FPGA’s and high speed secure MCU on board Updatable via USB storage Expansion ports for future proofing Simple and easy to use High quality components used throughout Built at a high tech facility Solderless installation on FAT*** and SLIM (2xxx and 21xx) series Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with QSB (quick solder board) Easy setup for PATA or SATA consoles Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates   BD Movie support to follow (In a future update) PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow (on BC consoles in a future update) PS3 BD game disc dumping on all PS3 consoles is supported and can be enabled through third party managers (dumping throughput will be improved in future updates)   **We cannot guarantee the longetivity of this feature owing to the use of homebrew app to achieve it.



      Ed infine eccovi i video della dimostrazione del funzionamento:




      Slim 2k:


      Super slim 4k:

      Se vuoi entrare a far parte dello staff, clicca qui!

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