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Come da consuetudine, il Team SGK rilascia il proprio CFW 4.40, precisamente la versione 4.40.4


*: added function toolbox Rebug
*: added fashion Rebug 4.40 in DEX FUNCTIONAL via toolbox
*: added debug menu in the menu setting in Rebug mode via toolbox
*: added fake save data owner FUNCTIONAL
*: In replacement by new icon by icon Hackxell
*: Complete overhaul of the cose of cfw for copied!!
*: optimization of loading games
*: added pkg psn retré lisence it need not reactpsn
(sertaint ps1 ps2 as pkg psn reactpsn and toujour required)
(ps3 pkg saint row the third as an error is 80010009 and        reactpsn toujour required)
(the advance)
*: Added patch Cinavia
*: Added compatibility with reactpsn
*: Added fix dualshock
*: BD Emulation compatibile with Multiman
(in a game and Multiman celectionné apuyé Care The key option games von aparaitre enabled the USB emulation patch BD) good games
*: audio replacement coldboot
*: Added 4.40 Core OS compler
*: Added self and all SPRX 4.40
* QA flag enabled
*: To set the debug menu in normal mode setting on the xmb then went parameter has made ​​networks and (L2 L1 L3 R1 R2 BELIEVE THE BOTTOM OF THE DIRECTIONAL)
*: Checkoff pup can be used to downgrade with E3 flasher or progskeet


Il changelog è preso dal sito ufficiale e tradotto con Google Translate, per cui alcune parti sono poco chiare.