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Il backup manager multiMAN si aggiorna arrivando alla versione 04.20.00. Questa nuova versione è compatibile con le seguenti versioni di firmware: 3.55 CEX/DEX/4.21 CEX/DEX/4.30 CEX/4.31 CEX ed introduce numerosi miglioramenti.

Changelog multiMAN 04.20.00:

* Introducing the new mM payload which makes mM independent and easy to port for various firmwares
* Supports only 3.55 CEX/DEX, 4.21 CEX/DEX, 4.30 CEX, 4.31 CEX
* BD-ROM Emulator option in Settings can be set to “Enable / Disable” – no more “Hermes”/”Standard”
* Compatibility-wise it is better than “Standard” and “Hermes”.
* This payload overwrites 252 bytes of strings in LV2 memory (and not 4000 bytes of code like other payloads), it doesn’t use syscalls and doesn’t rely on firmware functions, executes fast and improves performance


* Added option in settings “Redirect /app_home”:
— Disable (/app_home will not be mounted at all)
— Enable (/app_home as used in previous versions – points to the game – for disc-less)
— Toolbox (on Rogero firmwares with pre-installed toolbox if you play from discs only – it allows you to return to stealthMAN without restart)


* For 3.55DEX and 4.21DEX mM now supports split-games, adds better disc-less compatibility and also allows loading of PS1 backups in BIN+CUE format from internal/external.



The new payload allows for some tweaks and there is 80% chance that games that didn’t work disc-less will now work.